Junior Badal on Facebook

At 9:58 pm on 7th of June a Facebook Post by Punjab’s deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal appears on Social Networking site. “Give me one suggestion on what the Punjab Government should do to change your life? I may not be able to respond to each of you but I will read each one.” Reads the post.

Badal’s this post gathered more than Ten thousand likes and 9,830 comments.

Sukhbir Badal’s sudden proximity to social network makes me wonder. What made him to move to a social platform and ask people of Punjab what do they want, literally to change their life.

Another thing pops up in mind when you read this post, does he have a magic stick? Simply enough, lives can’t be changed by moving a magic stick around. Probably, Mr Deputy CM must have watched Harry Potter before writing this post.

BTW, what could be the reason behind asking people such hilarious question at 10 in the night?? Leave it, Harsimrat won’t reveal.

I guess I’m trying to be much more critical. It is just a Facebook post by the Deputy CM of the state. If you think I’m the only one. Let’s have a look at some comments on the same post.

bahut lutt lya punjab nu… hun kursi chad dao’, says one of the ignited Punjabi youth.

I admit a huge number of  people criticized Badals and their policies but some people gave some serious suggestion too.

Earlier Sukhbir Badal’s page used to be more or less a Press Release platform for journalists. But now junior Badal has started to interact with people.

This move pretty much puts me in doubt that Mr Badal has fathomed the anger of people of Punjab in Lok Sabha Elections. By breaking barriers people of Punjab chose SAD continuously for two terms to rule them.

In 2012 assembly elections in Punjab, Shiromani Akali Dal formed the government with full mandate. They were given another term to rule because of their impressive work of development in their previous term. Or one can say their manifesto filled with freebies helped them to make it to legislative assembly of Punjab again.

I and other Punjabis have no idea when those freebies, promised during elections, will be delivered. Laptops, Tablets and Free Wi-Fi were on the top of the list.

Aam Aadmi Party managed to grab four seats in Punjab and that gave much homework to Retards on Social Network to make some new jokes on Sardars. These jokes were wide-spread on WhatsAPP, Facebook and other social networks. Neither I nor someone else can do anything about it. In India minorities have been victim of every sort of assault since ages.

Well, People sitting in Delhi or Mumbai don’t understand the problem Punjabis are facing. No one asked us why we chose to vote for AAP? It has been a history in Punjab that Punjabis have been very close to all the revolutions. Take it Freedom movement and Bhagat Singh’s contribution in that. Just an example.

The word I didn’t want to use is ‘Rattled’. Shiromani Akali Dal leaders are rattled after facing the defeat in Lok Sabha Elections. More than defeat, AAP’s 4 seats in Punjab is sort of ire in Badals’ eyes.

Well, it’s good that leaders are trying to reach out to people and asking them for solution to improve governance. I wish Sukhbir Badal pays little more attention to set up industries in Punjab.

Anyway Badal Sahab, A long row to hoe!

P.S: This post has been removed from His official Page. 


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