Accept My Apology!

Accept my apology for being absent last night from Facebook. I wasn’t home yesterday night. Just Came back and went on to check my Facebook and Literally i felt gratified after reading all the tags, mentions for wishes of new year.

The Insane Ass Prince Vij’s status was insane like him, his idea to set resolutions for others instead of setting it for him, DESERVES AN APPLAUD. Anyway thanks toΒ  Munish Wadhwa, Harpreet Parhar and Suyash Karangutkar for giving me space in your Precious status. Moving ahead and Thanks to everyone for their wishes and Happy New Year to all.

This Year I’m not gonna set any resolution for me, I will try to live my life without any Boundary line. How can i forget my Guthi Gurmeet Kaur Nakhwal and My Bindaas Friend Shubh Kaur Ghumman and Neha Thakur your New Year prank didn’t get success. Sorry for that. πŸ˜›

And my classmates Sarthak Bawa, SaJan Gupta, Gagan Sher Gill, Sneh Harvinder, Roohi Singh and Minakshi Rathore Thanks guys for an amazing 2013 spent with you.

My College Buddies Sharan, Kerry Arora, Vasu Gandhi DJ-Punkstar, Md Layal, Vinay Prabhakar and Luian Chang Guys the 3 year journey of so called university have been amazing and fun because you all were there with me. I know someday i will check all our Photographs and start crying because of that funny and loving moments. Will miss you all.

And and how can i forget my seniors Ravi Goyal, Chandan Sood, Bhupesh Gupta, Kaka Singh, Manik Gupta, Neha Manchanda you all taught me a lot. I still remember my first day of college when you all were together and came to us and said, “Jyada serious nai hona, PTU ne aape Pass Kar dena.

My Mentors, My Teachers Ruchi Walia, Anita Pathania, Neha J Kaur, SP singh and Hira Lal Sir You all were the true inspiration for me. Thanks for the lessons of Life.

And the last but not least My Near and Dears – Udita Pal m waiting for your book, Ashish Shahi May this New Year Arvind Kejriwal give you MLA ticket from our constituency, Amit Aggarwal Stop being a “Bania” i mean Skinflint, Ravi Kaushal Come as soon as possible beere, Miss ju, Nancy Kanwar May you get less serious about everything around you in 2014, Harit Mehta you keep on inspiring me to lose weight and Kunal Senani May be you should join any journalism institute in 2014 and leave this Girl’s CS THING.

I guess I’m done. Again accept my apology for writing this boring post and irritating you.
Enjoy Everyone. Once again Happy New Year to all! Adios 2013!

It’s Time to get back on work.


3 thoughts on “Accept My Apology!

  1. Well we also love your company and i remember how we started out our friendship.. that day was so awesome when you came by and told me that you are a rapper and you sent your tracks to me “WohJohPhelaPyaarTha” And you were know as the “Krusifier” Buddy i want you to sing again don’t quite rapping it’s your natural talent..

  2. Dear Vasu,
    i respect your desire to see me working on another Rap song. i remember you used to motivate me to work even harder on music. but somewhere in between my passion of Journalism and my graduation, i lost my interest in making music and decided to write about it. But now m happily writing about music and other things. this thing gives me satisfaction and i want to stick to it. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
    Thanks bro. πŸ˜€

  3. Good fo’ you broda’ time iz the key and it will show the locked locks to you and i guess you’ve opened the right one.. You finally found your passion. God bless you do well in your future.. Peace out!!

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