I Am Malala!

From last two days, i haven’t even written a single article for DesiHipHop.com, for Newsloop.in and for Punjabiportal.com(i write for these websites). The reason being i was visualizing, or you can say i was reading a book. This book isn’t a fiction story or a book containing sex/love story and not even an Indian best seller’s IIT story, though i read them too. The book i was reading from last two days is a Biography of Malala Yousafzai. I have read several books before, but those books never convinced me to write about them in my blog. I chose to write about this book because i want to “Spread The Word”, But some of my close friends will consider it flaunting. Well, Let it be!

Malala-CoverSo, I just completed reading the biography of Malala Yousafzai. I never felt so emotionally attached to a book before. Malala and her father Ziauddin Yousafzai – have dedicated their life to education and sacrificed their needs for providing education of children in Mingora.

The book unfolds how Taliban emerged and took over the whole Swat valley, how Fazlullah alias Radio Mullah started broadcasting his 2 hours radio show twice a day and brainwashed people. The people of Mingora got into his trap so easily because all of them were not literate enough to understand these things and mostly women in swat were illiterate because women were not allowed to go out of their Purdah.

The reason, why I had so much interest in this book that I read it in two days is because My Grandfather also belongs to Swat valley. Yes! My family migrated from swat valley in 1960. I remember my grandfather telling us stories about their life in Swat. My Grandfather’s love for the valley is as same as Malala’s love for her it. He keeps on reminding us about the beautiful greenery in Swat, though we are now Indians and never visited Pakistan again.


The bullet in her head was a kind of reward from Taliban to her because she was fighting for a social cause? Because her role model was America’s President Brack Obama? Because she was so outraged that she never scarred from Taliban or their Talibs with Guns? Well done Taliban, you nailed it by attacking an innocent school girl!  Sorry for being politically incorrect but this deserves an end. For how long is Taliban going to continue demolishing school buildings? For how long will they keep on killing these innocent children? Everyone has a right to go to school and study whether it’s a girl or a boy.

Malala wasn’t alone to face this tragedy, She was the most severely wounded and the prime target, but Kainat Riaz and Shazia Ramzan were hit as well. Their wounds were treated locally; they made a good physical recovery and their families, like that of Malala before she was shot, became the subject of threats by the Taliban. Kainat and Shazia were two ordinary school girls caught up in the Malala effect.

I felt ashamed when I got to know that her own compatriots were saying that ‘They are in doubt whether Malala got shot?’ and some of them were saying ‘her father shot her to get settled in abroad’.

Well! This leaves me speechless. I don’t want to talk about the mentality of people as this issuance cannot never be hashed out.


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