How good is this idea of conceptualizing Bhartiya Mahila Bank ??

How good is this idea of conceptualizing Bhartiya Mahila Bank? Doesn’t it escalate discrimination? The same is being said by 8 out of 10 women, according to NDTV 24×7 report. The move of choosing 8 out of 8 women as board members deserves an applaud. But still there was no need for it. UPA is making them familiar with the kind of atmosphere where they will be dealing with women only! Unfortunately there is also a world out of the Bhartiya Mahila Bank and still there are men living out of the world of Bhartiya Mahila Bank.


Every woman who will open her account in the Bhartiya Mahila Bank, won’t permanently move to the bank premises. They have to come out and deal with the same men they used to deal with in common banks in their daily life. Instead of making arrangements for women security at common banks, the UPA Government is separating women from the society.

Is it a way the Democratic Country Provides special rights to a Gender? I’m not uttering these words because I’m a man or I belong to a men oriented nation. The reason behind this is the gender discrimination escalated by the Government itself.

There would have been many other options to ensure the women security at the banks. Such as posting female security guards at bank along with male guards. Hiring 50 percent female staff at every bank so that women do not face assault and the list goes on. But UPA took a decision as a Political party and not as a Democratic Government. They assured their Vote Bank, which is saddening enough.

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