Exclusive Interview with Shagundeep Singh for The NewsoHolic.

Before we start I would like to tell our readers that today we are going to interview our guest and winner of the ‘World in my Lens’ photography competition…Shagundeep Singh. 

Interviewer- Shagun you are welcome here in News-o-holic and congratulations….!!

Interviewee- Thank you so much! 

– Shagun since you’re featuring in the very first interview with us. May be most of our readers are not familiar with your name and your photography. I guess a small intro would be better!

Answer:  I’m Pursuing BBA Ist year in Jalandhar. And apart from that I’m a Punjabi Rapper, and an International Bhangra artist. I don’t call my-self a photographer; I like to name myself a Nature-Clicker. 

– Well, It was a short and smart introduction, Shagun why don’t you tell us about your beginnings as a photographer as you’re a winner of ‘World in My Lens’ photography competition organized by News-o-holic?? 

Answer: I’ve always had a craze about photography. So, I used to keep clicking random photographs. And this year I got a DSLR so I started it officially by making a page and I named it ‘Still Life’. Still Life is a platform for me to show my work to my fans and I expect good response for my work and I fortunately get it always. My friends on facebook and twitter show love that I never expected. 

– As we know you must be happy after knowing that you’re the winner of ‘World in my lens’ photography competition, what was your first reaction?? 

Answer: Yes, happiness is the first award we often get after winning a competition. As it was the first competition I took part in, and the news of winning amazed me. It’s true that my friends give me a positive response whenever I upload my work, and this time their love and response was likewise. I’m glad that I’m the winner and people liked my work! A special thanks to my friends. 

– How did you find this platform and what are your views about our blog News-o-holic? 

Answer: This is really a good platform for me and for other new talents working in the same field. The magic of appreciation can be seen in our work. This is a big appreciation for me. And Newsoholic, is a blog which really navigates us to awareness. I’m a daily reader of Newsoholic. I love the way your journalists come out with special issues and the points they deliver to us. It is very knowledgeable. I personally suggest my friends and fans to read this blog daily.

– Well it was your personal view, we are really glad that we navigate you to awareness. I know our readers must be waiting to know your excellence in other fields you adopted such as Bhangra and Rap?
Answer: When I handle camera only one thing comes to my mind, ‘To click it in such a way that I can bring its beauty out!’  When it comes about Bhnagra and Rap, I enjoy whatever I do!
– Tell us about your experiences with Bhangra training, I hear that your father is an international Bhangra artist?

Answer: I’m doing Bhangra since I was in 3rd standard. And I went at international level when I was in 9th. Yes my Dad is a choreographer and drama artist at Jalandhar Doordarshan.  

– We can say you got Bhangra in Patrimony?
Answer: Yes, it’s been really great to learn from my father. He is a great artist. I love when he shares his stage with me. I love to perform with my Dad’s Bhangra Group.
– Shagun how do you cope with all three at the same time along with studies ? Don’t you find it a little hectic..?
Answer: No, No, It keeps me busy all the time and I love it.
– Shagun that’s good you are trying your hand at everything…. do you think society becomes a hindrance for an individual in choosing one’s career..?
Answer:  Yes. They poke their noses in your matters. But you shouldn’t care about them. It’s in a human nature to interfere with others.
– Are you planning to build your career in the field of photography?
Answer: I am not very sure about photography but, I want to make my career in singing.
– What are your future plans??
Answer: I want to complete my studies first and to achieve fame in singing.
– Your message to the victims whose careers are being decided by society?
Answer: They should do what their heart says, not what society says, choose the field of your interest.
– Thank you very much shagun for joining us here on News-o-holic….Good luck for your Future and Kudos again!
Answer: You’re welcome. Thanks a lot.

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